Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Postmortem on Shards

As we approach the wrap up on Shards, Angler TomFrodo  wants to know what you were thinking as Marissa’s adventures in Shards evolved. Here are his questions:

What do you think the real goals were for the competing factions—Russian Mafia, Indian factor, and the CIA? How did the competition between the Indian and Russian counterfeiting rings lead to the conflict that involved Marissa?

Was there a reason why no one picked up on the Chinese element? Why was Dimitry targeting a Chinese economics expert and what would a reaction by the Chinese mean for Marissa?

Did anyone see Dimitry as having another bigger goal? TomFrodo planned for Dimitry to contaminate counterfeit money at a G-28 meeting where the world’s leaders would be stricken. With the money system in chaos, Dimitry would call in Blackraul to maintain order. That’s one way Dimitry could have thought on a larger scale. Did you have another idea?

No one picked up on the contracting firm Blackraul. Did the you dislike the use of a contracting villain? Would you have preferred using Blackraul in a different way?

Please add your comments.


Ivory said...

I was more interested in Marrissa's inner demons and her personal affiliations than the political intrigue. I am sorry we couldn't explore a more personal relationship between her and Dmitri, even if they both knew it would be doomed.

Skipper said...

Thanks Ivory. A personal relationship between those two would be interesting. So you were more inclined to character development rather than plot.

TomFrodo said...


Actually the political forces are not separate from personal relationships. We could have gone deeper from the interaction with Clark in the airport. She could feel betrayed by him for involving her. What does she consider important in life? Why was she working with him in the past? What stopped them? What did she have in her apartment or new life that was different from the old life.

When we went deeper, we could have had Dmitri make a comment about her involvement with him in the past. Was he trying to build a new link with her?

When you had the passage about the trip on the plane, and I think that was you, you could have had a flashback from Marissa where she thought about being hurt or helped by Dimitri.

For inner feelings, one great opportunity could have been to examine what she thought about dealing with a contractor. Where is her moral base? How far does she go to perform her duty while she has a relationship with someone?

I think we also have to develop this inner torment in a special way because of certain skill sets. She is probably not going to be shocked or tremble at the fear of an adversary rampaging through her place. But she could tremble at the way she uses weapons or power. 

What do you think?