Friday, February 4, 2011

Where is Allie now?

Stage I – Set up: Allie is a single mom who has just experienced a romp with an old flame (Drew) who disappeared mysteriously ten years ago.
Turning Point #1 – Allie’s son (Tommy) saw the strange man leave the house before breakfast and told Allie’s ex-husband (Jason).  Allie’s friend at work (Tina) is suspicious too.
Stage II – New Situation: Although Allie told Drew that she harbored no feelings for him, she is anxious for him to call. 
Turning Point #2 - Drew is in Witness Protection.
Stage III – Progress: Allie is conflicted. The stakes are higher—if she learns too much she may be forced into Witness Protection too. She is moving towards her destiny with Drew without leaving her current lifestyle. Progress continues as Allie contemplates life in Witness Protection.
Turning Point #3- Point of No Return: Drew is Tommy's father. He has two more days to convince Allie to join him in Witness Protection. 
Stage IV - Complications & Higher Stakes: Allie spends the weekend with Drew.
Turning Point #4 - Major Setback: Tommy is missing.
Stage V - Everything to Lose: Drew knows he's Tommy's father and races to rescue the boy.
Turning Point #5 - Climax: The happy ending is on its way.
Ivory has written the conclusion of Allie's Choice. It will be posted in three installments.
This tale is now closed. Thanks for all the great bait. 

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