Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trolling TaleBait

The activity on TaleBait is building. In case you haven’t ventured far from the landing page yet, here are a few tidbits to explore and enjoy.

Bloodsuckers wanted. I’ve had a request for a Vampire story on Hooks & Storylines. Drop me a line to suggest a Hook if you’re attracted to the undead. I’m sure we’ll cast a line that’s O Positively dripping with appeal.

Don’t miss Allie’s Choice in the Romance Category. TexasWordsmith got us underway with a Nice Twist that’s deliciously naughty.

In Open Water, a few Anglers seek comments and collaboration: The Dream, Central Heat & Air, Fable of One Footprint, and Southern Belle Hell.

My current Open Water favorites are Central Heat & Air, Reading to the Dog, and The Pause. Each story contains something fresh and unexpected.

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Nankin said...

Captain, it was nice to meet you last night. I've forwarded your web page to the writer's group where I work. I think some of them will be signing up.