Sunday, January 17, 2010

Choose Your Identity

Do you want readers to know you as a writer? Maybe you’re published and want to show your style to expand your following. Use an identifiable name.

Do you want to explore new styles and genres, but worry about falling flat? Maybe you’re a nonfiction writer and want to test the waters in Sci Fi, Romance or Mystery. Use an alias.

Do you want to improve your writing and lack confidence about your skills? Use an alias.

Do you want to keep your options open? Create two Angler profiles, identifiable and alias.

TaleBait serves a diverse group of writers, each harboring different motivations for sharing ideas. As the site’s activity grows I hope to offer several opportunities. Published writers can get attention by sparkling in Hooks & Storylines and sampling their work on Open Water. My plans for the site include a means for published authors to promote their work through Angler Profiles.

Aspiring authors can refine their skills and catch the attention of others. I’m looking for tales on Hooks & Storylines to publish as “Best of TaleBait 2010.” If your submissions are voted into the storyline you will be credited.

Dabblers can enjoy a free 15 minute imagination vacation anytime. Dive in or dip – make a splash and feel refreshed.

Here’s a look at a few Angler names and descriptions:
Wordlinger. Wordlinger is like a Nerdlinger. A nerd who’s a word freak. Hmm, maybe that’s redundant.
Ruphass. One cool cat.
Litmoo. Author of Lost in LitMOO, a book for kids that captivated 150 fourth-graders and their teachers at readings in local public schools. This engaging story for 8 to 11-year–olds combines contemporary and classic themes in an amusing and fast-paced suspense/jeopardy story. Distinctive, vivid imagery and engaging characters make Lost in LitMOO a fully engrossing environment.
Jack. Retired professional sumo wrestler now working as a part time surgeon at the Gun Barrel City Amputation and Lobotomy Clinic. In my spare time, I am a consultant for the regional Federal Reserve in Dallas and work on my collection of antique elephant turds.

Add a comment below to guide us to your Angler Profile.

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