Friday, September 10, 2010

Dont' Read Anything Titled Musings

I clicked on a link and landed on another blog titled, “Musings on [insert something here].”
Honestly, I do not read anything with “musings” in the title, unless I absolutely have to for some inescapable reason. The very word,musings, means thoughts that are especially aimless and unsystematic. If you don’t take the time to organize, edit, and polish your thoughts before sharing them with me, why should/would I want to give you my time to decipher your ramblings?

I believe a writer must consider the audience and purpose for every piece of writing. If you are your own audience and the purpose is to explore your thoughts—that’s fine, but it’s probably best to keep it tucked away in a drawer or personal file. Hmm, I guess I should be grateful to writers who accurately label their slop as musings so I know not to squander my time reading it.

By the way, my audience for this little rant was mostly me. The purpose—to express my impatience with self-absorbed writers. Hmm, sounds something like musings. But I kinda warned you—“Musings” is included in the title.

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