Monday, March 8, 2010

Endless Edits

I recently read the last chapter of my middle grade fiction to a critique group. Now it’s time for yet another round of edits to incorporate the group’s suggestions and address weak spots. I truly appreciate their advice and look forward to reworking the story. But should I read the next round of revisions to the group?

Each time you present a piece of writing, you’re likely to get another opinion. When is the process finished? Hmm, the answer may be that it’s finished when it’s good. I’m sure you see the problem. There’s always room for improvement, a better word, a more powerful image, a character detail, tighter construction.

At some point you have to declare the work good enough and release it. And then prepare for another round of edits if it’s picked up by an agent or publisher.

How do you know when it’s time to submit your book? How many rounds of edits do you share with your critique group?

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Glen said...

I see the challenge of having too much editing turning the process into an endless "do-over." Then you have the challenge of asking a number of people and getting them many different assessments.

Therefore, I personally have a rule of three (based on intuition not research) that I go through the editing cycle three times and it is done. That personal edict serves me well.